Ways to Reduce Facebook Ads Spend

Are Facebook ads clearing your wallet? Do you want to know the techniques to reduce the Facebook ads spend? Through this post, you will discover various ways to reduce facebook ads spend.

How does Facebook charge cost per ads?

While starting the ad campaign you can choose between two ways of being charged – impressions or link clicks. Link clicks are counted as cost per click (CPC) bidding where you’re charged in the condition whenever someone clicks on your Facebook ads. In case of impressions Facebook calculates the cost per 1000 impressions, and you pay for each time your ad is viewed also in case if no one clicks it. You can choose the ways how you get charged.

Several factors influence on the cost of Facebook advertisement, although understanding those factors can help you reduce the Facebook ads spend. Some factors that have huge influence are list below.

  • Audience: Facebook ads business is bounded and some audience tend to be much in demand, which make it more expensive to get your ads to be shown to certain audiences.
  • Bidding strategy: Biding strategy come with several advantages and disadvantages, thus expensive clicks can be prevented by placing a bid cap.
  • Scheduling of ads: Secluding ads being based on time of year, time of week, time of day can impact on the Facebook ads spend, so wisely scheduling ads can minimize costs.
  • Ad placement: Every ad placement carries different impressions and cost per click. Removing low-performing placements can help in the improvement of results.

Below are some steps to control the Facebook ads spend and increase the productivity of ads.

  • 1. Specify Facebook Ads Placement

    You can use all the placements when you start your Facebook campaign in order to determine the best placement type. Further, placement breakdown can be implemented to find the best placement that is yielding the best results. Being based on the results, exclude all the other placements. Excluding placements lower the cost but also limits Facebook reach and potential so as an alternative you can customize Facebook ads for each placement type, by creating a unique advertisement strategy for each placement.

  • 2. Evaluate your Facebook advertising bid strategy

    Biding on conversions helps to get best outcomes through Facebook ad campaigns so set your campaign goals to conversions. Optimization of ad delivery and strategy is needed once conversion for campaign is set up. Although bid cap provides the cheapest clicks and impressions, go with target cost strategy for high quality placement with an average cost. As high placement offers you to get more clicks, achieve targeted goals and lower the cost per result. Concluding, selection of biding strategy can affect the ad spend to a larger extent, so you should not lag behind in testing different bids rather it will help in producing good results with improved bidding strategy.

  • 3. Schedule time for ads.

    Facebook business provides you an option of Facebook ad dayparting that allows to pause and run ads on specific time and days. To get better result study about the historically high performance day and tie of day and schedules your ad to lower the Facebook ads spend.

  • 4. Select right Facebook ad format.

    Facebook supports various ad format as videos, photo, slideshow, canvas, dynamic products and carousel, as videos and photos are the most relevant ad format we will be discussion on it. You can surely start with attractive images as they can easily bring out across audience, leading into high click-through rate, comparing videos have higher conversions but generally attract lower click through rate. So, never stop experimenting and trying new ad formats to know which one is the top-performing format among your target audience.


This content have provided several steps to lower the Facebook ads spend and maximize the efficiency of the advertisement within a desired budget. You can use this techniques for you ad campaign optimization and spend less money for your Facebook ad campaigns.

Published On: June 23rd, 2020 /

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