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The key benefit of digital marketing is that it helps to reach a particular consumer in a cost-effective and observable manner. Digital marketing also involves brand recognition and increased retail orders. The main targets of almost every business’s overall marketing plan ought to be digital marketing.

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What we provide

Strategy & Consulting

Strategy & Consulting

Strategic planners and counselors focuses on where to allocate different resources to achieve the desired goal of any organizations. Here, we as strategic planning facilitator and counsellor can help you to determine specific strategy to achieve the desired objective of the organization.

Lead Campaign

Lead Campaigns

Most of the businesses are facing difficulties to sell their product because of not getting their potential customers. We specialize in it, will help you to generate leads by organizing different lead generation campaigns and helps you to convert leads into potential customers.

Blog Campaign

Blog Campaigns

Blogging has become a critical element for any business as it attracts new clients and able to maintain better customer relationships. We, Cloudhub Nepal, will help you by driving traffic to your website and increasing SEO of your website by writing a blog on a weekly basis either in your site or any other platform including your site name.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Still, most people are using email as a way of communication. It is about 2.5 billion people. Therefore, Email Marketing can be a very vibrant and powerful way to connect with people as it is a very personal way of reaching targeted customers. Cloudhub Nepal can help you in email marketing with weekly engagement emails to targeted lists of customers.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Growing the business can take hours of time and effort and with marketing strategies can become complex. SMS marketing can be an important method to grow the business as we live in the world which is constantly moving toward a digital world. We can help you to grow your business by providing bulk SMS.

Social Media

Social Media

Either the business is B2B or B2C brand, social media has become a powerful way to build brand awareness, build positive image and drive lead generation. We specialize in it, and will help you in building and protecting a positive brand image and driving new leads for your business.

Pay Per Click


Pay-per-click can provide more value than just getting the brand at the top. We can help you by providing valuable advertising like PPC with an immediate source of targeted traffic to your website, driving conversions and contributing to revenue growth.



Helps to build a new audience and get a new idea to develop both businesses. We can help you to be a partner with influencers and help to expand each other. We, Cloudhub Nepal, can provide you the facility of co-marketing between two or more companies to promote both businesses simultaneously.

Digital Marketing Benefits

Value Data & Analytics

Help create an idea of the exact number of people who have viewed your business page and analyse sources of traffic from various gadgets, how the traffic has changed over time. By displaying a breakdown of traffic information, helps you to prioritise the marketing channels.

Improves Conversion Rate

Converting a customer online is not a big deal, unlike other types of advertising, digital marketing lets you have a two way conversation with customers and leads. Through such interactions, important leads can be generated that would eventually deliver an increase in conversion rates.

Reach Target Audience

With digital marketing, get engaged with your prospects and build a relationship with your customers globally, using sophisticated marketing tools you can reach out to customers, interested in your business with relevant messaging and provide a two way communication.

Cost Effective

A focused and well targeted marketing campaign can outstretch the right customer at a lower cost than traditional marketing. Strategies like SEO, social media marketing, content marketing makes it cost effective and saves money to a substantial extent.

Higher Revenue

Effective digital marketing techniques can generate higher conversion rates which consequently brings higher revenue rates. With higher revenue growth rate companies will have great opportunities to expand human resources and also provide profitable business.

Real Time Result

Digital Marketing help to see what’s working and what’s not in real time business & lets you know the conversion rates, peak trading time, and increase subscribers. By knowing the results, you get a detailed idea & can choose necessary steps to upgrade the results.

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